Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor at Jim McLean Golf School, Biltmore Hotel



Instructions to create your own lasser:

Make your own "Home made" Laser:

1) 1/2 PVC (Cut to 2 feet long)
2) Thick Laser (See picture)
3) Thin Laser (See picture)
4) 1 1/4 Washing Machine Hose 
5) Electric tape (See picture)
6) Rubber bands (to hold lasers running)

The Washing Machine Hose is sold in a 2 foot long size at Home Depot for about $6, this is an effective way to attach the thicker laser to one end of the PVC tube. Cut the hose to 4 inches long, enough to insert it long enough on one side of the PVC tube and to insert the thick laser on the other side leaving the possibility to extract the battery to be recharged without having to remove the laser each time, the other laser fits inside the tube with just a couple of wraps of electric tape around it.