Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor at Jim McLean Golf School, Biltmore Hotel

Junior Golf 

Julio Nutt worked as the Director of Junior Instruction at the Jim McLean Golf School for five years and has the experience of having worked with literally thousands of junior players over the years, specially during summers. Julio has been selected by US Kids Golf as a Top Kids Instructor for 5 years in a row because of his knowledge, dedication and pasion for teaching juniors. Julio is currently developing many aspiring college players and also works with top junior from many countries. 

Working at distance has never been easier, now with the use of current technology videos and video lessons can be shared in seconds. Julio Nutt works with juniors in over 10 countries using Ubersense and also provides support to many other instructors. There are follow up programs and constinuos video lesson programs available that would fit the need of any junior player from age 7 and older. To read more about Online Lessons please click here

Every Junior Golfer has his or her own swing and it is important to keep each player's good personal "signature" but sound technique should not be under rated if the player is to continue advancing on his game through time. In this picture you can observe a junior player who was due to neck and back injuries and who's advancement was toped by poor technique, with instruction, drills and hard work he evolved his golf swing to a much better motion. 

Even though we all heard histories about great players who developed their games while using clubs that were too long and heavy for them as Junior it is not a smart practice since it is a fact that kids will have a better chance of developing their best games if they use clubs that fit them correctly. In the picture to the right you will notice a 9 year old who was playing with a club that was too long for him and was forcing him to stand on his heels. He switched to shorter clubs and the improvement was very noticeble. 

Julio Nutt is available to train junior at the Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral in Miami but also is available to teach in other cities and countries. Julio can provide private instruction, group instruction, coaches training corporate instruction and Golf seminars in many topics all related to Golf Instruction, Junior Development, Trackman, Ball flight laws, skill development, anatomy for Golf and and much more!